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Overflowing landfills, the dumping of potentially toxic waste and contaminated land are problems that threaten to spill over in modern society.

Where electronics are concerned, the biodegradable argument has no bearing. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research into household and office waste of products such as computers, telephones and televisions shows the massive scale of our disposable culture.

In 2007, 205.5 million units of computer equipment (including CPUs, monitors, notebooks, keyboards and mice, as well as hardware like printers, fax machines and copiers) were discarded, according to EPA data. Of this, 157.3 million units were trashed and just 48.2 million were recycled. This included 29.9 million desktop computers and 12 million laptops and 31.9 million monitors. That equates to 112,000 items each day. Two million tons of electronic waste was dumped in 2005. All of this is either transferred to landfills, or exported to developing countries where it is sometimes reused. On the face of it, both of these solutions seem to be cases of shifting the trash elsewhere.

Capitol Asset Recycling comes to corporate offices and government agencies to remove and recycle unwanted electronic, electrical and metal equipment. Capitol Asset Recycling can also purchase your surplus and scrap material to recover some of your capital assets, depending on the models, specifications and arrangement. We have a zero landfill policy and we do not export assembled electronic machines.

Capitol Asset Recovery has offices in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Florida creating a catchment that helps to preserve the landscapes from environmental e-waste.

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Certificate of Proper Disposal

Capitol Asset Recycling will issue a Certificate of Proper Disposal so that all of your firm’s stakeholders can acknowledge that you are not only in business to make money, but that you are also dedicated to your communities by properly disposing unwanted and hazardous waste. Our Certificates of Proper Disposal can help promote your business and your Corporate Sustainability Plans.

Collection Events

Capitol Asset Recycling holds collection events with Corporations, Government Agencies, Cities and Counties, and neighborhoods. We provide full logistical support, including the proper amount of employees, vehicles, equipment and time. Our collection events can be held before, during or after business hours, whenever it is convenient for our hosts.

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Contact us today to schedule an inspection or a pickup for all of your useless or surplus electronics for recycling. Using our list of acceptable items, you will understand that it is not just computers and monitors that Capitol Asset Recycling can process. We can provide ongoing pickups to businesses that generate large quantities of unwanted items as well as one-time pickups for smaller offices that need the extra space.

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