Green Computer Disposal

For over 20 years, the Capitol Asset Recovery group of businesses has provided corporations, government and individuals a value-added solution to their unwanted and depreciating IT assets.  Everyday, your used computer equipment is depreciating in value.  It may be loaded with sensitive corporate and/or personal data, or it may be classified as hazardous waste.  Capitol Asset Recovery can handle your used computer equipment and process it for resale through our own retail and technical operations.

Capitol Asset Recycling is the premiere, one-stop comprehensive recycling resource for the United States and abroad.  With locations on two continents, we have the ability to provide your satellite locations with a secure and reliable metal, electrical and electronics equipment recovery service.  Our products and services offer companies and individuals a way to properly dispose of old or unused electronics with ZERO impact to our landfills and environment.  In our combined 30,000 square feet of warehouse space and 40 employees in the United States, Capitol Asset Recycling has teams of equipment inspectors, technicians and dismantlers for IT equipment.  Our processing techniques act in accordance with all relevant local, state and federal laws.

Capitol Asset Recycling handles all dismantling for the Capitol Asset Recovery group of businesses.  Equipment is sent to the disassembly line and is broken down into its original raw commodities (copper, aluminum, iron, lead, steel, glass, plastic, etc.) then separated into different boxes for further processing.  CRT monitors are sent to a local, domestic partner who uses machinery and labor for glass-to-glass processing.  Our partner company is ISO-9001:2008 Certified as well as IAER Certified to handle CRT leaded glass.  Capitol Asset Recycling maintains required documentation and permits related to the handling of residual waste streams, and our downstream partners maintain the same standards.

Capitol Asset Recycling also offers both on-site and off-site data destruction for your personal, confidential and classified information.

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