Taxing Decisions

Today is crunch time; it’s down to the line for those who waited until the last minute.


Many people look for the cheapest option.   Some people are drawn in by the colorful character outside the office door.  Others remember the commercial they heard.


How do you decide who does your taxes?  Would you like to have someone you know and trust who has come through for you time and time again?  Does an experienced, certified individual or company make you feel secure?


Well, we don’t do taxes but we sure do asset recovery and recycling.  When deciding who your company wants to use, consider asking the same questions:


Is the data on your equipment important enough for you to have a company you know and trust handle it from the time it leaves your building?


Would knowing they own a fleet of secure vehicles for transportation and have over twenty-five years of experience make a difference?


Does a company who is not only R2 certified but an e-Steward make you confident of their commitment to best practices when it comes to our environment?


Don’t wait until the last minute.  While we only have one week until Earth Day, it is always a good time to have us assess the value of your equipment and give you a fair deal on responsible recycling.


Happy Tax Day and see you next week,


Stu Metzler

Business Development

Tel: 301-937-0600 x106

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