This E3 has truly become about more than the (amazing, awesome, crazy, did I say awesome?) video games on display this year. That stems from the fact that more and more these video game systems are moving in to supplant former staples of our entertainment systems at home. Both of the new boxes now come equipped with Blu-rays, they both are going to have access to the internet and hence Netflix, Hulu, HBO go and the other online entertainment sites. This, when combined with the ever increasing gamer community, is going to mean that people will possibly now just require A TV either a PS4 or Xbox one (PS4) and some speakers for their living room. Additionally, these systems are no longer coming with Aux cables and just HDMI cables, so we better make that an LCD or Plasma TV.

On the actual gaming side of things there were some rather large revelations unveiled that could challenge the traditional PC v Console war. The introduction of Elder Scrolls Online to the landscape is at the forefront of this. Up until this point MMOs have been more or less strictly a PC attraction. With ESO now being the first major MMO title to be released for consoles could become quite the game changer when it comes to the overall field for PC V Console. In my opinion, the hardcore gamer will never truly leave the PC, until consoles can accomplish the precise control that the PC interface so easily accomplishes. That said, with this major MMO being on console it is possible that more and more of the recreational gamer finally making the jump to primarily gaming on their consoles (the price certainly wont hurt in that regard).

What does this mean? This will come to effect the Recycling industry in multiple ways. The first of which being previous generation of consoles flooding the market when people dump them for the new addition. Also, given the fact that gaming more and more requires HD capable televisions it is possible that the industry could see a spike in CRT destruction come Christmas time. Last but not least, it is possible that we could see an even further shift away from tower PCs as more and more gamers move to console and use their Laptops/ tablets for their web surfing and word processing.

Obviously these are theories of mine and not to be taken as fact, however I think that the evidence is there. And while obviously not concrete, I believe it is more than firm enough for this nerd to stand on.

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