What Earth Day Means To Us


When I think about Earth Day, I am so glad that I am working for a company that actively is helping the environment through electronics recycling. I thought that it would be a good idea to show case not only mine, but other employees ideas on what Earth Day means to them.

Tim Hilton (THIS GUY)

Growing up as a kid I remember doing the average Earth Day events like planting trees, tending gardens, making projects out of recycled stuffs etc. To be honest I found it to be almost a chore. I was a kid and didn’t want to plant trees, I wanted to climb them. So for the longest time I did not really care about the environment.

I would obviously recycle when I could and not litter, however there is so much more to it. I understand that people have only so much time to devote to one thing or another, trust me if there was a way for me to not need sleep or freeze time I would be right there.  However to be truly part of the effort while working at Capitol Asset is something I truly cherish in my life. I am able to go to work every day and say that I am doing something worthwhile, and worthwhile.

If I can help just a few people to feel the way I feel now about the work I do and the environment I will feel like I truly accomplished something. Maybe not with this blog post or maybe not even this year, but to be able to show someone the joy that truly caring about the place most people take for granted? That is worth trying every day for me.

This year is my first Earth Day of the company, and I cannot overstate how excited I am to be able to help you all with your E-Cycling drives and Campaigns.

Zack Boorstein (Vice President)

I remember an activity of making cardboard cutouts in arts and crafts class in elementary school that said “Earth Day is Everyday” they were a globe on a stick with cotton balls as clouds – ironically I now work for a recycling company with the sole purpose of keeping electronics and heavy metals out of landfills.  I know I am doing my part.


Ethan Hubbard (The man behind the scenes)

Our first major campaign was working with a client, and making arrangements for over 50 locations.

It required team effort to complete as the logistics for each location were unique and required a lot of information sharing to get everything completed on a tight deadline. It feels rewarding knowing the service we provide people, has a positive impact on the environment.

Lisa Ambrusko(Alexandria Store Manager)

Earth Day has come along way from where I stand.  I remember the “Crying Indian” to fight Litter pollution; and as a girl scout we had the annual Plant a Tree day, but that was about as Green as it got.  Today we are all so more aware and concerned for our planet and it is because of Green campaigns and other like movements now around the world. Honestly, the whole Idea of Earth Day reminds me of Robert and how much he loved being outside, hiking and biking and communing with nature.  I think he would be proud of all us doing our part everyday.

Melissa (Office Assistant)

Earth day reminds me to recycle, conserve energy and in general live greener.

Chris Scott (CEO)

Earth Day for me is something that has crept into my life, but makes me smile each year when I think that the everyone is yet again thinking about the planet and how we impact it.   I love the outdoors and spend as much time enjoying it as I possibly can.   When I grew up nobody thought of the environment, but then there weren’t so many cars and life seemed less about consumption and more about living.   In today’s society we are expected to keep up with our neighbours and have the newest and latest technology, these help keep us informed and educated, but it is amazing to me how quickly our needs and expectations change.


I am happy and proud to be running a company that can address this by providing a solution and outlet for all the unwanted equipment whilst providing an avenue for the reuse of these.


All of you who are choosing to read this post and recycle your electronics responsibly have our eternal gratitude and thanks. We are here every day, ready, to help you with your E-Waste and I implore you to take advantage of our willingness to serve, and passion for the environment.

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