Is Apple’s Rapid Release Schedule Beginning to Alienate Fans?

With the release of the new iPad mini Apple has made the infant iPad 3 defunct over night. It’s smaller and lighter frame combined with out powering the 3 has seen that the iPad mini is ready to kick some butt.

But whose derierre is the one getting kicked?

Obviously the kindle fire etc. will see some hard times, but what about Apple beginning to alienate their own consumer base by simply making their own products obsolete every 6 months. As an owner of a few Apple Products (2 MacBooks and an iPad 2) I am truly beginning to think so.

I was completely fine with them obsoleting their own equipment every couple of years, or heck, every year. Every six months though? That is just too much for me financially and to be honest mentally. I want to be able to figure out all the nooks and crannies of a device before I lose interest and am ready for a new toy. For example, my phone I have had now for four months and I still find new uses for it all the time ( I had been considering upgrading to the iPhone 4s lucky me I didn’t). I believe that a lot of people will be heading this way as well, especially when the iPhone 5 didnt quite live up to expectations and perhaps if they had spent a little more time on it, it would actually be better than the galaxy.

However, If you are one of those people that have to have a half eaten apples on all of your technology then go for it. Me personally? I’m jumping off this band wagon and heading home to the embrace of Microsoft… look what you have done.

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