Windows 8 imminent

That’s correct the windows 8 OS is coming soon to a computer near you. So what does that mean? What does it do? WHY IS MY COMPUTER BEHAVING LIKE A PHONE?!? let’s find out shall we?

So what is the upside of Windows 8? There really are some pretty awesome features. First, security has been given a massive steroid injection. second, with the proliferation of touchscreen technology, this OS is more than ready to handle it. Lastly, when you are in desktop, it looks awesome.

So whats wrong with it? IT TURNS MY COMPUTER INTO A CELL PHONE FOR ONE THING. Yes it does indeed. Instead of going to the desktop like a good OS, it instead goes to an app screen. Why a computer should have apps you ask? I don’t know I answer.

Now I know one of you is going to want to say “uhhh technically all of your programs are applications and hence apps”… to that person…  know what I mean.

SOO getting off my rant, Windows 8 has the usual problems that new Windows OS’s have. It is meant for higher end machines forcing others to upgrade (good for us). It really is meant for touch capability so desktops might suffer a bit off aggravation when trying to get into desktop mode.

But all in all I am really excited for the OS and maybe… just maybe someone will crack it so that we can just boot into desktop.

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