Recycling ATMs

There is a growing trend in recycling, ROBOTS!

Well that is not exactly true, Automated Recycling Machines (ARMs … I made it up no big deal) that you can deposit your recyclables into and gain rewards. These rewards can be cash, coupons, entries into a raffle, etc. but they all center on one common idea… get more people to recycle.

The idea of kiosk recycling isn’t a new one, it is just new to these shores. Japan has been using automatic recyclers since the nineties and the US is only just beginning to catch up. One of the newest of these Automatons from America is the ReMag.

The ReMag is a kiosk designed specifically to deal with Magazines and Catalogs. Basically the way it works is, you put in your magazine which is then scanned. After the item is scanned the machine the determines value and prints you out coupons for local grocers and shops. Or, if you are feeling in a particularly giving mood, you can choose to have those coupons given to your choice of charities.

The idea behind the now multiple types of recycling kiosks is that people crave instant gratification. While yes we all feel just super when we take out the recycling everyday (at least i do), who wouldn’t recycle more if there was an incentive that you could have right that second (I like money and cheaper things).

For now, those of us on the East Coast are looking at a bit of a wait until we will be receiving these kiosks en masse, as they are slowly moving their way across the country but I look forward to it. You know… for all those magazines I read on paper still.

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