Electronics Recycling on the Rise

The CEA has just published its CE Recycling and Reuse 2012 Edition, and inside there is some great news. Public awareness on the importance of electronics recycling is on the rise.

Through coordinated educational efforts from the CEA and governmental organizations, nine out of ten people now think that it is important to recycle their computers and 63% know what they are doing (including you now that you have looked at our website right?). They also anticipate electronics recycling to hit an all time high this year, which is good news for everyone.

So where do we go from here? In my opinion, it is not enough that 90% of people know they should recycle and 63% know how. That means that 27% of people know they should recycle, but don’t know how. That is over a quarter of the people polled, and in my mind completely unacceptable. So spread the word! Talk about how you recycle your electronics. Everybody knows to put out their recycling on Wednesday (darn now you know when mine goes out) but there is only so much that can go in those blue containers, and so much more that can be recycled. There are other services available to help you with them and tons of people out there willing to help you! (like me!)




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