Once again I have found myself inept in the newfangled things the world is doing to encourage recycling. This new system is called pay as you throw.  Essentially it makes it so that instead of everyone paying one flat rate for their waste management, they instead have to pay for how much they actually toss out as garbage.

Now, this doesn’t mean that your friendly Waste Management Technician (garbage man) has to come weigh your weekly tossings. Instead you will pay by the container. There area a couple diffferent ways that communities go about this stickers, tags, bags, and cans are all used. Usually these are not used alone, but in conjunction with one another. For example, Smithville USA might say pay for a can, but we know that some weeks you just have more trash. In that case they will sell you a roll of sticker that you then place on your extra bags. or some other random combination there-in.

The crazy part is, after some initial outrage. Which to be honest is usually pretty easy to quell with the old “Yea but this way your not paying for that guy over there to put out his 4 cans when you only put out one” argument. The communities see 20-30% increases in the amount of recycled materials brought forward. That is huge, and it continues to increase over time.

While this is more difficult to implement in larger areas, it is beginning to catch on in smaller communities across the country. One of the reasons is because of apartment buildings being so hard to control.

This, in my opinion make complete sense. Not only does it increase recycling, which is enough for me. But, I am rewarded for not throwing everything away and actually making an effort. It is worth exploring I think, especially given our suburban life style



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