Wait… You can’t recycle pizza boxes?!?

Apparently I have been preforming a recycling taboo for the last…26 years. I have been putting pizza boxes in the recycling bin.

As you can imagine, I was very disturbed at what I found when I read the article that is the focus of this weeks blog. Not only that you could not recycle them, but also that it has taken us this long to set up a system where you can.

According to wikipedia (shoot me) the pizza box was originally invented in the 1800s. In those days however, they were metal (which would probably be easier to recycle… Capitol Asset Recycling could have done it). However it took until the 1960s for the modern corrugated cardboard pizza box to make it’s appearance. While Domino’s is often credited with the discovery, they failed to patent their invention. this of course led to the industry spanning cardboard box we are all familiar with today.

My point is there are 61,269 (google) pizza parlors in the United States. And just for the sake of doing easy math, let’s say they deliver 100 pizzas on average a day. That is over 6 million boxes a day, multiplied by 365 we arrive at 2,236,318,500 boxes in a year. The average pizza box weighs 5.4 ounces (someone please stop me looking things up), so if we then do some more math… 12076119900 ounces… now to pounds… we come out to 754757493.75 pounds (342352240 kilos). 750 million pounds (342 million kilos) of pizza boxes that aren’t able to be recycled because of a little bit of grease. This should probably have came sooner i dont feel like doing the math on how many pounds (kilos) are in landfills if they truly can never be recycled. I for one will keep recycling my boxes, hoping that I ingested enough of the excess grease so that they can be recycled.


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