E-Waste No More

In the new year several more states have adopted restrictions on e-waste in landfills bringing the total to 27 altogether. What a great idea! In 2007, the US generated 2 million tons of e-waste. Lead, mercury, and cadmium are contained in most e-waste, which is slowly leaking into our drinking water. That does not even include the precious metals like silver, gold, platinum, and copper. Most computers also contain several recyclable grades of plastic. All of those items being salvaged will cut down on our carbon footprint. It will teach future generations that is a norm to recycle, as well as preserve these items for them. As a nation, we are currently only salvaging 13% of these.

Can you imagine if your body only salvaged 13% of what you ate?

Businesses now, more than ever, are responsible for disposing of their IT items in an eco-friendly way. We are a better resource than your state and local governments because we are a one-stop shop. Most counties and states are not able to recycle all your items. We have the resources to disassemble everything PC related, along with battery recycling of any type. While talking to residential customers, I have found that most local drop off areas cannot accept everything. Often, customers need to go to three different places to recycle all of their equipment.

The bottom line is that recycling is good for the planet, it has created a booming industry, helps keep the environment cleaner for future generations, and teaches us all how to be more efficient and resourceful.

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