Confidential Information Scattered Along the Streets

Imagine filling out a job application, providing all of your personal information, background, and history including home address, phone number and social security information only to find that the company not only didn’t hire you, but allowed your application to end up outside in tact on a street being blown around by the wind.

This is the horror of what Elida Cruz went through when she received a telephone call from the Chicago Tribune after they were tipped that her and many other Illinois residents personal information were found on a city street last week.

Paul Stephens, Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in San Diego, CA says, “this happens a lot more frequently than people would suspect, most of the time it’s just not discovered.”

When businesses entrust a 3rd party to handle their data destruction and disposal they naturally expect the two services to go hand in hand. In a situation like this, who is responsible for this type of mistake?

Is it the Company that collects and maintains private personal information of their current and future employees, or is the Company that has been paid to destroy and dispose this confidential information on behalf of their Customers?

In this case, I believe that both stakeholders are at fault. Clearly, the shredding company hired to perform a simple task is in the wrong due to lack of performance, but there are many companies that can provide this service, and it is up to each customer to research this carefully as it is responsible for its employees.

“A good shredding company maintains an unbroken chain of custody over its documents, with a screened employee taking them from a locked container to a locked vehicle to a secured shredder,” says Robert Johnson, executive director of the Phoenix-based National Association for Information Destruction.

Capitol Asset Recycling, Inc. comes to YOUR facility and destroys YOUR information right in front of you; we also secure our vehicles upon leaving your site to ensure that there is no way a breach like the story above can occur. Give us a call for more details regarding our on-site and plant based shredding options.

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